Meeting Re-Cap 10/24/15

The October meeting was great! Michael, Giannina and their family were fantastic hosts, and the all grain brewing demonstration was top notch.  Thank you Campos Family!

During the meeting we talked about the Pacific Brewers Cup (PBC), a great homebrew contest.  Bill and Raphael went and helped out as stewards.  They both enjoyed the experience and recommended it to all members.  They were inspired to enter and steward at the next PBC.  There was interest in Beer Judging classes, I will let the club know if I hear about any upcoming classes.

We looked at a few logo ideas and picked out one to use temporarily on the website.  If anyone has ideas for a logo, please bring them to the next meeting.

Speaking of the website, Carrie has set ours up and it’s great.  Please check it out at  If you have ideas or suggestions for the website, please let us know.

There was talk about having a party in early January, if you can brew some extra beer for this, please do!

The style of the month was Belgian beers, and we were enjoying them during the whole meeting.  Everyone was invited to bring their favorite and we had a very nice selection to sample.

Our next meeting will be November 21, 2015. See you there!