Meeting Re-Cap 9/20/15

Thanks to all that showed up for the last meeting, and special thanks to Ned and Carrie for hosting us again.

Brewing! – We started the meeting with a brewing demonstration.  Ned and Carrie brewed an IPA, which was the style of the month.  I’m looking forward to having a sample.

A Name – The group voted on a couple of things, first of all our name.  It was decided we will call ourselves the West Adams Society of Homebrewers.  And that means we will need a logo!  Anyone with ideas please submit them at the next meeting.

Dues – The next issue we voted on was dues.  We decided to have dues and we decided that $30.00 a year is a good amount to set the dues at.  The money will pay for commercial beer tastings, educational materials and many other things to make meetings educational and fun.  If we have a surplus at the end of the year the excess could go to a club party.  We decided that we will go on a calendar year, so if you pay now you will be a member in good standing until the end of December 2016.  Dues can be paid at the next meeting, and we are discussing getting set up to have a Paypal account so you can pay online in the future.

A Board – After we made the decision to have dues, the next thing we decided on was to have a Treasurer to handle the dues and while we were at it we decided to elect a Board.  So Raphael Lieberman is our Treasurer, Bill Judson is our Vice President, and Dan Hakes is our President (that’s me!).

My first act as President is to appoint Carrie Yutzy as Webmaster.  She is working on a website, a Twitter account and has changed the Facebook page name to West Adams Society of Homebrewers.  She needs to know what we want to see on the website.  Please let her know what you would like to see on our website!

New Business – We talked about having a party.  It seems like a little close to the holidays already, so we talked about having a party in the new year. New Club! New Year!  Sounds good to me.  Stay tuned for more info, and comments or suggestions are welcomed.

Steve and Eileen brought up suggestions that the club could get involved in the Harvard Heights Holiday Stroll, maybe even having a beer stroll.

Commercial Tasting – Last month we tasted IPA’s.  There is a lot of them to choose from these days.  We had a session IPA, white, red, standard, rye, black, and a couple of double and imperial examples.

Next month we will have another beer tasting, this time we’ll be sampling Belgian styles.  We are making this one a pot luck, so bring your favorite Belgian and give it to Dan and we will have a trip to the wide world of Belgian beer styles.

Next Meeting – The next meeting will be at Michael and Giannina Campos’s house, on Saturday October 24 at 2:00 PM.