Welcome to the West Adams Society of Homebrewers (WASH)

WASH is a new homebrew club based in the West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles. We’re a jolly group of ladies and gents who enjoy beer: drinking it, talking about it, brewing it, etc.

All Los Angeles beer lovers welcome!

Thinking about brewing your own beer? Consider yourself a homebrew master or mistress? Just want to learn the difference between ale and lager while drinking homebrew? We got you. We welcome and represent a variety of experience levels from “never brewed, but I like drinking beer and geeking out about it” to “been brewing since before you were born.”

We’re close—join us for a meeting or event!

West Adams is in Central LA, just south of Koreatown, nestled between Downtown LA and Culver City—easily accessible from most of the city. We have outings at pubs, bottle shops, and breweries throughout the LA area. Check out our events calendar or contact us find out how you can joint the fun!